Voice work

As well as writing and performing, I am also available for voiceover work.

I have worked with, amongst others, Dixons, Universal Music and a high-end jewelry company to provide narration and commercial voiceover.

My character reel is here:


00:00 – Character 1 (Eccentric, Energetic, Mad Scientist)
00:17 – Character 2 (Avuncular, Friendly, Magical)
00:34 – Character 3 (Bombastic, Arrogant, Heroic)
00:48 – Character 4 (Jowls, Corpulent, Regal)
01:12 – Character 5 (High RP, Archaic, Educational)
01:36 – Character 6 (Creepy, Snivelling, Paranoid)
02:08 – Character 7 (Grounded, Northern, Inspirational)
02:35 – Character 8 (Serious, Villainous, Taunting)
03:14 – Character 9 (Modern RP, Serious, Direct)
03:29 – Character 10 (Frail, Fantasy, Scared)
03:48 – Character 11 (Histrionic, Insane, Aggressive)
04:30 – Character 12 (Horror, Monster, Otherworldly)

And my commercial reel is here:

Here are some bits and pieces of my voice in the wild:

What are CAR-T cells?:

Find Chaffy Kickstarter:

Sokobond Steam release trailer:

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  1. Hi there Guy,

    I hope you are well?

    We came across your profile while looking for neurodivergent voice over artists. We have an amazing client that helps organisations optimise their people, by using neurodivergence to increase value, whilst providing the neurodivergent community with meaningful and supported employment.

    We at Makers are eLearning experts and are about to embark on making some exciting videos for this client – which we will need voice over work for.

    Would this be something you are interested in and what is your hourly rate?

    Kind Regards,

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