Various bits and pieces live here, updated when I’m bored.

Mental health stuff:

People have told me that I shouldn’t talk about this as it may stop me getting work. Fuck that. This is important. After posting these, I’ve had several people get in touch to tell me how reading what I’d written had helped encourage them to seek help for their own problems. That’s far more important. This stuff should be talked about without shame.

‘Creative’ Angst – My first blog about mental illness and comedy.

Happy Birthday Nervous Breakdown – A follow up to “Creative Angst” written a couple of years later,  showing how things have improved.

Going M.A.D. – a follow up to “Happy Birthday [&c.]” written several years later, showing how things have, frankly, gone to shit again.

I’ve Seen It All Before – a blog about déjà vu.


Just some thoughts about  the people who helped make me me.

The Scarab – This is either about love, family and mortality, or it’s about a model beetle.

My Little Brother – A quick post celebrating my brother’s decision to say “fuck you” to a brain disease and become a beefcake.

The lighter stuff:

Finally. Chuckles.

A First Timer’s Guide To The Gym – Dispersing health advice one massive nonsense at a time.

Sixty Sex Tips – Written as a response to some dreary article. Horrid.

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