Guy Kelly: Actor, Comedian, Wizard

This is me. Suspicious, no?


Hello friends. I’m Guy Kelly, and this is a place where I store my stuff.

I’m an actor, comedian, writer and voice over artist. I’m currently working as a Maze Master at The Crystal Maze, which is, I’ll be honest, possibly the most exciting thing in the world. For the last few years, I have been writing and performing critically-acclaimed, 5* sketch comedy with The Beta Males, selling out at the Edinburgh Fringe year after year. We may have put the live stuff in a little box for now, but rest assured that things are a-rumblin’ behind the scenes. Previously, I’ve written for the BBC, GinxTV, Future Publishing and TimeOut.

I also run the satirical @FoodPit Twitter account, where I review imaginary restaurants. It says a lot about the state of London’s pop-up culture that I continue to get invited to actual restaurant openings. Here’s a menu I prepared at the request of an American high-fashion magazine, as an example of what FoodPit can be when not constrained by 14o characters.

When I’m not sweating into a waistcoat or blagging free meals, I’m a big old gamer. I’ve a few episodes of a podcast here, have written for Vice Gaming, and was part of the live comedy gaming show McNeil & Pamphilon Go8Bit (which has since become a series on UKTV). I can also complete the first level of Sonic 2 blindfolded, with my feet, and in under a minute.

Recently, I wrote and appeared in a short called “Mars”. Here it is:

That’s all for now! This page will be updated on a regular basis. Meanwhile, why not follow me on Twitter (@Brainmage), and have a poke around the site? There are some blogs and bits of non-fiction, as well as some lighter comic pieces.

You can also find my Existentialist children’s story “Why is Mummy So Sad?” by clicking here.

I am open for commissions! If you want to email me, please click here, and my Spotlight CV is here:



(Headshots taken by the wonderful Nick Kay)

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